Increase Profit with Built-in Surcharging

Pass on the cost of accepting credit cards at the point of sale to consumers who choose to charge

Earn More with the Customers You Already Have

Take the guess work and worry out of surcharging and increase revenue with every eligible transaction with RECOUP


Correct Surcharging

Delivers the right surcharge for the transaction based on the merchant's average discount rate in accordance with card brand rules.



Simple Dashboard

Manage a universe of properties from one integration



100% Compliant

Card brand rules and provisions are baked in and fully automated


Full Control

Manage every transaction. You never have to guess the status of your profit recovery efforts




Grow fast

No limits to the number of affiliates, merchants, or merchant properties. RECOUP is infinitely elastic, flexible and capable of scaling on demand.


Connect Everything

RECOUP is capable of connecting with any solution



Make Customer Notification Personal

Don't send your customers off page to learn about why you are surcharging.  Add notifications to your checkout that educate consumers to surcharging in your own voice in the way your customers expect



RECOUP is Feature Rich

Everything you need to add profit recovery to your revenue optimization strategy

Open Source

Seamless integration with your existing technology.


Monitor and manage every aspect of surcharging.


Card brand rules and regulations are baked in.

Multi-User Platform

Create and manage multiple user accounts.


Automated abandonment threshold notification.

User Friendly

Easy to use surcharging dashboard.

Adaptive ID

Identifies unique processor pricing factors.

Unlimited Shops

Generate, manage, and monitor multiple integrations.

Processor Integration

Automated onboarding puts you in the drivers seat.

Simple Pricing

Pay as you go pricing makes integration an easy choice

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