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Start Recovering Credit Card Fees

Experience more profit from day one with RECOUP the built-in machine driven surcharging app that keeps you compliant and 100% in control

Everything You Need to Grow Revenue With One Integration

SCRATCH is the only all-in-one platform that provides everything needed to recover the cost of accepting credit cards in one simple, compliant integration.

Get the Most Out of Every Transaction 

More than surcharging SCRATCH makes it possible to gain a full view of your business and a deeper understanding of your customers one transaction at a time.



Control every aspect of your surcharging efforts from your 100% customizable dashboard


Unified Data Stories

Connect directly with your processor or processors for fully automated surcharging


Modern Cloud Architecture

SCRATCH connects with any platform and is capable of scaling on demand with transaction volume


Multi-User Accounts

Grow your business with multiple accounts, processor, and store connections from a single dashboard

Experience Faster Growth

We are just getting started. SCRATCH building block server apps work together to deliver valuable revenue generating services in one integration

RECOUP Surcharging

RECOUP Surcharging

Recover the cost of accepting credit cards with Predictive Surcharging that adds up to 3.5% more revenue to each transaction by passing on the cost of acceptance to customers who choose to charge.

SPLIT Pricing

SPLIT Pricing

Adjust pricing on the fly by product form, payment terms, time of delivery and customer segment.

HALT Chargebacks


HALT Chargebacks

Reduce the number of charge backs and deliver charge back disputes on the fly with HALT the chargeback app from SCRATCH


STACK Risk Mitigation

STACK Risk Management

Multi-layered machine learning services that detect faint signals and cross network behaviors that lead to fraud.


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Stop paying processing fees with RECOUP a compliant surcharging technology from SCRATCH a super smart Profit Recovery Platform that helps businesses keep what they earn. Start Surcharging Today and Stop paying to accept credit cards. Contact us to find out more about adding Surcharging Platform Technology.