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RECOUPTM is a super smart Predictive Surcharging TM technology that makes it possible to accept credit cards without the cost.

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Everything you need to start recovering lost profits in one easy to use platform.
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Fully transparent & compliant with you in control.

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Modern cloud technology integrates with any platform.

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Manage multiple accounts with a single sign-on.

Connect Anything

Infinitely elastic and optimized for the Internet.

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No monthly service fees



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Affiliates and Stack Developers

Join the SCRATCH Platform Economy with opportunities to share profits and expand the SCRATCH stack

Stack Developer

Build, deploy, and profit from licensing apps on the SCRATCH Platform.

Branch Affiliate

Build your portfolio of Merchant accounts or maintain your own private SCRATCH OS instance.

Ready When You Are

Put a little more SCRATCHTM in your pocket.

SCRATCHTM is proprietary Profit Recovery Platform that is designed and developed to help businesses keep what they earn.

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Stop paying processing fees with RECOUP a compliant surcharging technology from SCRATCH a super smart Profit Recovery Platform that helps businesses keep what they earn. Start Surcharging Today and Stop paying to accept credit cards. Contact us to find out more about adding Surcharging Platform Technology.