Are you losing profits

to credit card fees faster than you can earn them?

You are not alone

Business owners are losing trillions to credit card fees and fraud but you don't have to.

Say hello to SCRATCH

A super smart app platform that any business can add to their current payment system  to recover the cost of credit card fees.

Connect your cart

Connect to our platform using our flexible API

Manage profit recovery

You control every aspect of your profit recovery

Grow your business

On average businesses can save up to 30% net profit

How does it work you ask

Easy! profit recovery starts at the point of sale

If the sale qualifies our super smart algorithm predicts the correct credit card fee and transfers the cost to the consumer with the transaction. This is called surcharging.

What they see

Customers see a small credit card fee in their checkout

If a customer uses debit, prepaid or ACH there's no fee at all

What you see

You see huge profits in your checking account

Results based on your current net


Wait is this legal

YES! we thought you'd never ask

Strict regulations make profit recovery impossible without smart technology like SCRATCH

No Way!

My customers with be angry

That's what we initially thought but app activity showed customers didn't abandon, they simply switched payment methods

This isn't for me

We had the same objections too

We didn't want to charge and when we explained why to our customers they understood A few switched though most enjoyed their rewards perks and opted to charge

Okay what's the catch

You pay .005 of each transaction. There is no commitment and no minimums. You pay as you go and only for what you use.



No out of pocket costs



No monthly service fees



No contracts & No minimums

Take a look

Profit recovery couldn't be easier

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Put a little more SCRATCHTM in your pocket.

SCRATCHTM is proprietary Profit Recovery Platform that is designed and developed to help businesses keep what they earn.

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Stop paying processing fees with RECOUP a compliant surcharging technology from SCRATCH a super smart Profit Recovery Platform that helps businesses keep what they earn. Start Surcharging Today and Stop paying to accept credit cards. Contact us to find out more about adding Surcharging Platform Technology.